Temar Mission Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh):

Temar mission commenced its work following the disastrous earthquake of 1997 in Jabalpur. St.Andrews Mar Thoma Church commenced its rehabilitation work in Temar village by constructing 58 houses. At that time, there was no mode of education for the people of Temar village and following their request for one , in 1998 Mar Thoma Gram Jyoti School was established under Mar Thoma Gram Jyoti Education and Development Society.

Mar Thoma Gram Jyoti Hindi Medium High School:

The school since its establishment provides education to the financially backward sections of Temar village. St.Andrews Mar Thoma church and well-wishers take care of all the financial responsibilities of the school. Students of nearby villages such as Temar, Bheeta , Jaitpuri, Sidhinagar and Kajarwara pursue their education in this school. Most of the students belong to SC, ST or OBC group and are not financially well off. The Meritorious students of 10th class (Board Classes) are encouraged by giving them cash awards and other scholarships. The previous year, Sonali Patel of class 10th secured first rank in the school by scoring 82%.

The High School students who are studious, active and financially backward are helped and encouraged by providing them with Late Capt. Jobin Varghese Memorial Cash Award. To nurture the interests of students in co-curriculum activities , Annual Day Program as well as Annual Sports meet are conducted. The School Currently staffs 13 teachers and 2 non-teaching staffs and also currently a total of 250 students are enrolled with the school. The school begins its daily routine by conducting Teachers Prayer and Student Assembly.

St. Thomas Mar Thoma English Medium School:

A need for an English medium school was found necessary and this school which was established in 2014. Currently, it has more than 100 students .The school functions from Nursery to class 4th. The school currently staffs 7 teachers and 2 non-teaching staffs. St.Andrews Marthoma church members lead the school by being active members of the school committee.

A joint Christmas celebration of both the schools was held on 22nd December 2018. Teachers, students and the church members actively participated in the celebrations. Students performed Christmas Tableau and also rendered Christmas songs.

Both these schools function under the Mar Thoma Gram Jyoti Education and Develpoment Society.

Evg. P. V. Varghese and family reside in the mission centre and manage the activities. Mr.MA Varghese worked as the co-ordinator of both the schools and Mr. Varghese George worked as the treasurer of both the schools for the financial year. Rev. Mathews Philip serves as the missionary.